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[prk_section align=”center” bk_type=”prk_inner_block” bk_color=”” bk_pattern=”” bk_image=”” text_color=”” ]SOS Media offers Social Media and E-business training and management solutions and consulting to meet the needs of new and veteran Business Owners. Your online Business presence is as important as having a phone number. At SOS Media, we understand that sometimes this task can seem daunting, or that you simply feel spread too thin! Let us relieve your stress by taking on this important role in your business, and let you do what you do best! Call us today to arrange your needs assessment appointment! 705-773-8716[/prk_section]

[one_full_row][one_third][prk_service align=”prk_service_center” name=”Social Media” link=”http://www.sosmedia.biz/services/social-media/” image=”icon-share” ]Our experienced team can help connect you with your customers, and give you the expertise you need, or handle all the details for you.[/prk_service][/one_third][one_third][prk_service align=”prk_service_center” name=”Business Consulting” link=”http://www.sosmedia.biz/services/business-consulting/” image=”icon-briefcase” ]From start-ups, to established businesses, our team of seasoned business professionals are ready to help you meet your goals.[/prk_service][/one_third][one_third_last][prk_service align=”prk_service_center” name=”Speaking & Training” link=”http://www.sosmedia.biz/services/speaking-and-training/” image=”icon-users” ]Training for your staff, or speaking to large groups – our customized educational programs are designed to fulfill small business and corporate needs.[/prk_service][/one_third_last][/one_full_row]