Building a Solid Platform

Most businesses will begin building a solid online platform by creating a website for their company. This website becomes the “hub” for their business. It is where their potential customers go to find out about the business, and where current customers go for either further inquires or for further interaction with the business.

To build a solid platform it is best to include the following:

  • Clear Message
    • What your business is and what it does!
  • Easy Navigation
    • Easy to read “Tabs” on menu.
  • Informative Contact page
    • Location, email, phone number, etc.
  • About Us page
    • For potential consumers to gain additional information.
  • Opt-in Giveaways
    • This can be used to create an email database.
  • SEO Optimization
    • The use of keywords and descriptions to help generate business.

There are many components that go into building a solid online platform, so many components that is can be very overwhelming! So before you get started it is best to do some research to see what your competitors are offering and how you can best offer your unique selling points!