Choose the Right Platform!

When effectively building your brands image on social media make sure that you choose networks that best support your brand. SOS Media has listed 6 main platforms and the reasons that you may want to consider using each one to reflect and grow your brand.


Facebook is by far the best platform to use to promote your brand and gain effective awareness. This is due to the fact that there are over 1.4 billion active users worldwide making it the most popular social media site! It creates the largest amount of opportunities to communicate with your consumers in the most non-intrusive manner!


Instagram is a great social media platform for brands that rely heavily on imagery to sell their product and or service. Examples of this would be clothing, accessory and or art oriented businesses. This platform most effectively reaches young adults and has an active 200 million followers. Successful brands are participating through the use of #hashtags and posting pictures consumers can relate to.


This is a social networking tool created by google named Goggle+ that allows brands and users to build circles. This platform most effectively reaches males that are 25-35 years of age whose area of busines are primarily in the engineering and technician professions. With 540 million active users, this platform could be for you!


Pinterest is a social site that is all about the discovery! It promotes the largest opportunities for decor, crafts, DIY, health, fashion, and cooking. Of the 20 million active users, 83% are female and only 17% are male. If this fits your consumer demographic it could be an ideal platform to gain awareness.


LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site and powers over 50% of the world’s hires. Brands that are utilizing this  platform are corporate brands giving potential and current associates a place to network and connect. There are 300 million users on this platform that can help build your brand.

twitter logo

Twitter is a micro-blogging social site that limits each post to a maximum of 140 characters! The smallest amount of content compared to any other social medium! It has the largest penetration in the United States but is slowly and steadily spreading through its 5,700 tweets that happen every single second! It is best used frequently with smaller amount of information to best reach the 241 million active users!