Content Problems?

SOS Media schedule

Are you spending more time trying to create a post then actually posting? If so it could be because you are posting without purpose.

To be an effective poster of content in Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter it is good to have a schedule. This schedule is to be more of an idea generator opposed to an actual content filler. For example on Monday you may want to motivate your audience with positivity to start their week off right, on Wednesday you may want to announce whats new this week, and the following Tuesday to offer a Facebook contest!

For best results create a monthly schedule of posts to create so you are not being overly repetitive and releasing the same information every week to your audience. Seeing the same posts too often related to specials and sales may leave the wrong impression on your audience, this may cause them to unfollow your page. Remember that you are posting on social  media sites, which means that your posts must be socially oriented. Create posts that are engaging to your audience so you can better connect with them and build a stronger relationship. It is all about the two way communication on social media so try to post with the purpose of getting a response.

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