Social Media Channels

Generating different content for more then one social media channel can be overwhelming for most companies and organizations; putting out the same content across all social media channels may seem easier BUT it is not effective!

What your company and/or organization needs is a social media channel plan!

For each social media channel you should be seeking to reach a goal. By having a specific goal to target, your content will have purpose and meaning! That is why it is so imperative that you do not send out the same message across all of your social media platforms!

When creating your social media content you need to consider the following

  • The Channel (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  • The Tone (Who is your audience and the language to use to reach them.)
  • The GOAL! (Increase Sales, Cost-Savings, Improve Consumer Relationships, Improve Business, etc.)
  • Content to Use (Text, Imagery, Video, etc.)
  • Message Structure (What does a general post look like; is it playful, informative, etc.)
  • Integrating Social Media Channels (How will the social media channels work together to maximize your goal.)

This is why content marketing is not so easy. If you leverage a plan correctly, you will be able to focus more directly on the social media channels that work for your company and/or organization.  This will allow you to make the most of your resources and have more realistic and obtainable goals.