Your “About Us” Page

What your current “About Us” page may not be doing for your readers.

Many “About Us” pages are not including their contact information. It is highly recommended that your “About Us” page includes all of your most current contact information for your potential consumers to reach you with ease. An example of good contact information would include at least one telephone number to reach your business, an email address, and the businesses location (preferably with a map).

Another very common error that “About Us” pages make are not explaining what you do! These pages are focusing on who you are as either a person and or a company and not explaining what you do. Making your readers guess what you do is not good, tell them what you do and most importantly what you can do for them. This is a very common loss of focus on “About Us” pages, update yours.

Neglecting to explain how awesome you are is a mistake that most companies and people overlook when creating their “About Us” page. You want your consumer to have a reason to chose you over other businesses, this is your page to describe how awesome you are!

Your “About Us” should not be boring!It should  be a page to educate, entertain, excite and enthuse your audience. Display imagery and videos that are engaging and relatable to create a stronger level of communication. This will ensure that your page is not a bore to your readers.

A great way to avoid being boring is by not forgetting to have fun! Humanize your page, give it personality. People are more responsive to other people opposed to dealing with a business. Many companies have humanized their products to better engage with their audience, do the same with your online presence.

By doing all the above suggested content you can avoid putting the customer last! Have relevant and current contact information, explain what you do in a fun and engaging manner that describes all the benefits the consumer will acquire when they chose you over other businesses!

Update your page now!