Social Media Matters!

Social media has drastically changed the way that companies are interacting with their consumers. What was once a one-way form of communication has evolved into an incredible two-way dialogue! Social media is a great channel that allows a company to receive positive and negative feedback from their consumers. This feedback can be used to improve their company’s products and or services and overall create a better experience!

In the not so distant past, company’s used a one way form of communication that was primarily composed of newspaper, radio, television, and billboard adds to reach their consumers. These forms of communication yielded unreliable and insufficient ROI (Return On Investment) data. Company’s had to rely on manual surveys to measure the company’s marketing and advertising success.

With the invention of the internet, marketing and advertising revolutionized! There were now measurable results that could be utilized through tracking website visits as well as click through rates! These metrics were much more accurate in measuring the success of campaigns. However at this very point there was still no way to communicate with the consumer directly!

Before it was all about getting them to your website and crossing your fingers that they would locate what they were looking for! With the creation of social media, marketing has enabled companies to connect and communicate with their consumers. This is a Win-Win for both parties! The company is able to measure their online campaigns accurately, receive feedback from consumers, communicate with consumers, and grow their reputation!